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About us

Singapore is a high-income developing country with many sectors contributing to its economic growth. It is a global business centre because of its conducive regulatory environment for business enterprises worldwide. Its approach toward ease of doing business has made Singapore a competitive economy.

The financial services segment is relatively developed in the country. Many non-financial institutions and fintech start-ups are spreading their base in the country. All these, along with the advent of virtual assets in the nation, have led to a rise in financial crimes related to money laundering and terrorism financing.

Singapore has implemented various measures to fight against money laundering and terrorism financing, adversely impacting its market and the economy. AML regulations prevalent in Singapore emphasize identifying risk, implementing Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence measures, and adopting necessary technologies to mitigate these financial crime-related risks.

The government of Singapore has enacted various regulations, such as the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act, Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act, and Precious Stones and Precious Metals (Prevention Of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing) Act.

The goals of these regulations are:
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AML Singapore - Your partner in making AML journey more manageable, smoother, and more compliant.

AML Consultants in Singapore

AML Singapore understands your pressure around complying with AML regulations. Businesses need professional assistance in understanding this ever-changing regulatory environment and its impact on their business operations. We support you in this challenge and ensure your business’s adherence to these compliance requirements.

AML Singapore is a specialist firm in Singapore, providing end-to-end support through your AML journey. Our proficient team of AML experts helps confidently mitigate ML/FT risks with our customized AML consulting services. Our varied team of global professionals comes to your resort to manage your business's ML/FT risks and ensure compliance with AML regulations by bringing their local regulatory knowledge, business understanding, and international best practices to the table.

We help the following businesses with AML and CFT compliance:

We study your business, the sector you are operating in, and your current AML compliance status. Based on our results and observation, we design a customized AML compliance framework for your business, absolutely aligned with the AML regulations. Our client-oriented and result-driven approach differentiate us from the other AML consultants. We believe in delivering the exceptional quality services on a timely basis and in a budget-friendly manner in safeguarding your business against financial crimes.

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Your one-stop solution to all your AML-related queries, doubts, and problems.

Look nowhere else as you have AML Singapore here for your assistance.


We strive to see ourselves as a solid pillar of support to businesses in Singapore in their AML compliance journey by offering them a custom-made bouquet of AML Consultancy Services.


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