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An essential requirement for any company’s compliance with AML obligations is the alignment of management and employees. This alignment is achieved by creating awareness about the concept of money laundering, the regulations prevalent in the country, and expectations from the employees and the company for fighting money laundering and terrorism financing. AML/CFT training is a must for financial institutions in Singapore, and DNFBPs must impart AML training to ensure full compliance with the laws.

Companies must be mindful of the regulations and the obligation thereunder. They must also keep abreast of the changes and updates in these rules or requirements. Our AML/CFT training for financial institutions in Singapore is highly customizable.

AML training is essential to educate the employees on the benefits of AML regulations and local and corresponding international mandates. They must also understand the ML/FT risks their company is exposed to, how to identify them, and steps to take after identification. They must understand the legal ramifications of non-compliance with AML laws.

AML/CFT Training for Financial Institutions in Singapore

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AML Training Services in Singapore

Our AML training courses are tailored to your industry of operations, business size, and the complexity of operations. We also customize the learning modules based on the participant’s awareness level. The aim is to provide well-rounded, comprehensive training to your personnel to make your AML compliance easier and smoother.

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