In-house AML Compliance Department Setup

In-house AML Compliance Department

In-house AML Compliance Department Setup

Businesses subject to AML regulations in Singapore are required to adhere to many compliance obligations. Generally, managing such Anti-money laundering compliances parallel to the regular task becomes difficult, leading to delays in fulfilling the compliance requirement or sometimes even non-compliance per se. Thus, it is also recommended to have a separate team to look after these regulatory requirements and ensures timely correspondence with the authorities.

This team should include AML Compliance Officer, leading the department and ensuring effective management of the AML compliance activities.

Our services for setting up an In-House AML Compliance Department

We study your business and industry and adopt a customized approach to set up an AML compliance department for your company. To assist you in appointing an appropriate AML compliance officer and other team members.

We follow the below-mentioned steps

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How AML Singapore can help you?

We help you hire an efficient AML Compliance Officer and his team to adhere to the AML laws and monitor your compliance effectively and promptly. With AML Singapore as your partner, we ensure that your Compliance Officer and his team will always stay up-to-date with the international best practices and reap the benefits by implementing the same in your business operations.