Must have skills of an AML Compliance Officer

Must have skills of an AML Compliance Officer

Regulated entities must appoint a competent AML compliance officer. The person must be able to manage the AML compliance program, train the AML staff, and file various reports on SONAR.

To ensure the compliance officer’s competency, certain must have skills such as sharp interpretation, analytical mind, and understanding of AML regulations.

In this video, we’ll discuss core as well as the soft skills the compliance officer should own, such as:

  • Ability to detect risk scenarios and knowledge to mitigate them.
  • Ability to create business-tailored internal AML policy, procedures, and controls (IPPC).
  • Skills to promptly spot the red flags and take necessary actions.
  • Proficiency in checking transaction monitoring alerts.
  • Imparting AML/CFT training
  • Implementation of the IPPC

To explore the AML Compliance officer skills in depth, check the entire video and benefit from the valuable resource.  


  • 0:00 Introduction on Must have Skills of an AML Compliance Officer
  • 0:22 What are the core skills expected by an AML Compliance Officer
  • 1:33 How do you identify and assess the ML/FT risk?
  • 2:03 Designing the AML Policy, Procedures and Controls
  • 2:30 Identifying the red flags and suspicious activities
  • 3:01  Training
  • 3:32 Overseeing the effective implementation of the AML Program
  • 3:58 Conclusion and regards

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