Update to the FATF Grey List | February 2024

Update to the FATF Grey List | February 2024

Upon conclusion of the FATF’s February 2024 Plenary, on 23rd Feb. 2023, certain modifications have been announced to the FATF greylist. The “Greylist”, also known as the list of jurisdictions subject to increased supervision, includes the countries aggressively working with FATF to remediate the strategic deficiencies identified in their regulatory framework around anti-money laundering, combating terrorism financing and countering proliferation financing.

The changes made in the FATF Greylist include four deletions and two additions, which are as follows:

Jurisdictions no longer included in the “Grey List”-

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Barbados
  • Gibraltar
  • Uganda

Countries recently included in the “Grey List”-

  • Kenya
  • Namibia

Here is the updated FATF Grey List as of 23rd February 2024

1. Bulgaria
2. Burkina Faso
3. Cameroon
4. Croatia
5. Democratic Republic of Congo
6. Haiti
7. Jamaica
8. Kenya
9. Mali
10. Mozambique
11. Namibia

12. Nigeria
13. Philippines
14. Senegal
15. South Africa
16. South Sudan
17. Syria
18. Tanzania
19. Türkiye
20. Vietnam
21. Yemen